Chimera Productions Live Action Roleplaying

Chimera Productions LARP, Inc. is a registered Not-For-Profit organisation in Victoria, Australia.cropped-1390.jpg

Chimera Productions offers  Live Action Roleplaying games.

Chimera Productions offers an original fantasy LARP game setting. The setting operates under the name Dantir: Beyond the Stones.

From 2012 to 2016, Chimera Productions also ran a Legends of the Five Rings LARP.  This game was set in the world of Rokugan, the setting for the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) games produced by AEG. (No future L5R events are currently scheduled)

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Chimera Productions Organisers are very happy to welcome a new team of volunteers to assist us in running great LARP games.  Come along and enjoy stories and adventures written and directed by new LARP authors and volunteers!

Update on 2018 events – new Daygame added for July, September event flyer to come soon!


Next Event: 

Daygame July 28 –  Flyer July 2018

Weekend Event September 28-30 2018 – Flyer coming soon!

2018 events

  • Conquest Easter Games Convention 1 April 2018 – freeform event, one 3 hour session – complete
  • April weekend event – 27 – 29 April, Rowallan Scout Camp – complete
  • July Daygame – Saturday July 28, Darebin Parklands
  • September weekend event – September 28-30, Rowallan Scout Camp

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