Chimera Productions Live Action Roleplaying

Chimera Productions LARP, Inc. is a registered Not-For-Profit organisation in Victoria, Australia.cropped-1390.jpg
Chimera Productions offers  Live Action Roleplaying games – and we are active in 2023!

Next Event:  Daygame 9 September 2023

Chimera Productions offers an original fantasy LARP game setting. The setting operates under the name Dantir: Beyond the Stones.

Not sure what LARP is, or want more information about our events?  Check out the following pages to help you.  What is LARP? What happens at Events? What is Dantir?

Or see the video link below for a glimpse of what LARP could be for you.  How Has LARP Changed You

From 2012 to 2016, Chimera Productions also ran a Legends of the Five Rings LARP.  This game was set in the world of Rokugan, the setting for the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) games produced by AEG. (No future L5R events are scheduled).  Some photos on this website reflect the L5R game setting.

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  • Safety and rules training videos are available. Everyone must view these videos before attending. See Training and Safety page for links.  Training and Safety
  • New schedule of events, reduced frequency and change of leadership.  Our lives are all growing and changing, not only because of the pandemic.  Our team has young families and work commitments to look after now.  To accommodate LARP in our diverse lives, we will be operating less daygames and only one weekend event per year from 2023.  We are also welcoming new folks into our leadership team, and seeing other long time leaders move to more background roles.
  • Change of pricing – the pandemic meant Chimera Productions ran very few events for over 2 years now.  Our revenue has been zero, while we have continued to pay major overheads in order to keep the LARP operating.  Thus we regretfully inform that pricing will have a significant increase starting in 2022, to ensure that we have sufficient funding to meet costs such as insurance without which the game could not operate.  Thank you for your understanding.  If new pricing is challenging for you, contact us about making a payment plan.

Upcoming Events:  

Go to the Upcoming Events page for more details on confirmed events including pricing.  Bookings for all dates are welcome anytime.

2023 events

Download current flyers (PDF format):   Coming soon

  • Weekend event – CANCELLED September 8-10, Rowallan Scout Camp, Riddell’s Creek

    • Now running Daygame on 9 Sept, see below





Video available “How Has LARP Changed You

For many, LARP can be a life changing experience. Let several regular members of the Chimera community share their stories as to why.


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