Dresden Files

Dresden LivesAt Conquest Easter Games Convention 2015 (Melbourne) and GenCon 2015 (Indianapolis), Chimera Productions organisers are presenting a one-off freeform game of Dresden Lives.

 By the Light of The Blood Moon

Under the light of a blood moon there are many bargains to be made. Beings powerful and ancient mingle with new powers as yet unrecgonised; some come to seek the attention of their peers by signing the Unseelie Accords, others the protection of their betters, and yet others for reasons that yet remain unclear.

A small LARP based on the intrigue and politics of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Choose a character representing the courts of the vampires or fae, a council wizard, an ancient power, or a modern and independent power.

This LARP is set following the events of the book “Changes”, and contains major spoilers for this and all previous books. Spoilers for post-“Changes” books cannot be precluded depending on players’ actions. Some knowledge of the Dresden Files universe would be beneficial. No LARPing experience is needed, this game uses the new ‘Dresden Lives’ system.

When:  GenCon 2015 (Indianapolis), Session Time: Thursday 1 PM – 4 PM

Bookings: GenCon 2015 (Indianapolis) ticket booking system (SOLD OUT), then character selection email us at: Chimeradresdenfiles@hotmail.com


The following characters are available for the game.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to popular demand at Gencon we are expanding the game. Five more characters will be added to this list during June, with details updated here ASAP. 

Contact us for more information on any given character.  Anyone of any gender  is welcome to play any character, and all but a few can be played as male or female characters as you decide.

(M/F) – character can be played as male or female.

(M) – for story reasons character can only be portrayed as male – but *player* may be of any gender!


(M/F) Marcus/Marcia Bellford — A hulking form with only a slight aura of power.

(M/F) Timothy/Tea Deline — Very well dressed but still smelling a little of dog, their handshake too holds a little power.

(M/F) Lukas/Lauren — The pasty grey skin clearly marks them as a member of the Black court, a walking corpse.

(M/F) Tiala — A slim, almost childlike figure who arrived with Relios.

(M/F)  Leiki — Intelligent but mischievous eyes and a quicksilver manner give this small figure a faelike quality.

(M/F)  Devon — Arriving alongside the cloaked Warden these eyes hold far more depths than the mere few decades of age the face portrays.

(M/F)  Mystic Star — Well known amongst folk both magical and mortal of New York city Mystic Star borders on famous in their own right as a medium.

Contact us at: Chimeradresdenfiles@hotmail.com