Event Information

This page includes information on what to expect at Chimera Productions events.

For any further information or topics not covered on this page, please email us at chimeraproductions@hotmail.com

Event Locations and duration:

Chimera Productions currently uses three locations for most events. The sites used are usually Scout camp or youth camp type accommodation, in bush surroundings.    Day Games are held at metropolitan parks.

The choice of venue for each event is advised on the event flyer and the Upcoming Events page.

For a weekend event, the game is run for approximately 48 hours, from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon.  Gameplay occurs throughout the event hours, and may include freeform roleplaying and organised ‘linear’ game styles.

Day games usually operate as linear game styles only, with two to four linear games per event.  Each participant may play a PC in one linear game, and participate as an NPC in one linear game.

Transport to events:

Parking is available on site at all event locations. Chimera Productions organisers and the campsite take no responsibility for security of cars or items in cars parked at the campsite.

Public Transport:  (Metro train, V-line train, Metro bus) 

There is always a train or bus stop nearby the event site, although it may be necessary to arrange car transport to the site itself.  Chimera Productions organisers can provide transport from the station to camp by prearrangement, please contact us by email prior to the event.

Children and Youths

Children and young people are welcome at Chimera Productions events, but we do have some additional rules to keep them safe.  Please see the What is LARP page for more information.


New player information

What to Bring

Most gameplay takes place out of doors.  For a weekend event, the game is run for approximately 48 hours.  The sites used are usually Scout camp or youth camp type accommodation, in bush surroundings.    Day Games are held at metropolitan parks.

Personal & Bedding (weekend events only): Bring all bedding, the campsite does not provide any bedding except mattresses. Personal hygiene items also not provided.

Food: Friday night dinner (weekend events only), snacks and drinks as you prefer.  Refrigeration space for personal food items is not guaranteed.

Costume: Appropriate costume for use both indoors (weekend events only) and outdoors (all events). Gameplay requires players to move in outdoor bush trail areas. Please bring footware appropriate for this environment (no open toe sandals, thongs/flip flops or similar open footware).

Personal Weapons: Personal weapons and armour are welcome. All personal combat items must be inspected by the Armoury GM before use at each event to ensure they are safe and meet weapons guidelines.

Equipment Hire:

Some game items may be hired for use at the event, at an additional cost of $5 per item. Please indicate which item/s you would like to hire at the time of booking:

  • Weapons (Swords and daggers, other weapon types limited availability)
  • Spell kits (throwing ‘spell packets’ & spell focus or scroll)
  • Basic costume

Players are encouraged to bring their own costume, weapons, armour and other props items, as appropriate to their character’s race, clan or background.

Armour is not available for players to hire, so please bring along an appropriate physical representation of medieval armour should your character wish to use it.

Event Pricing 

Chimera Productions endeavours to offer a LARP game experience of quality with a price that is affordable. Game fees include the costs of accommodation, food, insurance fees, first aid supplies, weapons, costume, props, tools and equipment, transport and storage.

As a fully not-for-profit organisation, all fees collected for games and from any other fundraising sources are used solely for the purpose of providing the LARP events.  No individuals or organisations receive a profit from game fees.  All organisers, cooks, GMs and NPCs assist Chimera Productions on an entirely voluntary basis.

Event pricing includes:

The price for the weekend event includes all game play, two nights accommodation in dorms; continental  breakfasts, lunch both days and a multi-course dinner Saturday evening.

The price for a day game includes one linear game participating as a PC and one linear game participating as an NPC.  A BBQ lunch may be offered for an additional cost, please see the particular day game flyer.


Volunteers for full-time NPCs are welcome at all events.   Full time NPCs do not play a character of their own design at any time, but have the opportunity to play a number of roleplaying and ‘monster’ roles throughout the event.

If you are not sure what character you’d like to play, NPCing is a great way to try out a variety of character types and learn how the game runs. If required, NPCs are given support and guidance on how to roleplay a character in the Chimera Productions worlds – no prior experience or rules knowledge is necessary!

NPCs benefit from extra CP (experience points) above that usually gained as a player, and receive preferential player booking for the following weekend event. Costume and weapons are provided for all NPCs, or assistance can be provided to create a personalized costume that you can use as an NPC this event and keep to use as a player at a later date.

NPCs benefit from a lower cost, but some fees are required.  NPC fees cover only basic accommodation, insurance and food costs.

For weekend events, full time NPCs are requested to attend a meeting usually two weeks before the event.  This meeting ensures NPCs have a good understanding of the event and their roles in the event.  Those booked as NPCs will be contacted ahead of this meeting with details.