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Chimera Productions is no longer presenting L5R LARP games.

The very successful five year campaign concluded its story in November 2016.  

There are no scheduled dates for L5R events at this time.


L5R End of Campaign – The Reign of the Topaz Champion storyline has come to a conclusion.  There are no new L5R events scheduled for the forseeable future.  Bansai for L5R and all who have played.  We hope you enjoyed the campaign as much as we did.    See the fics Interesting Times and Assault on Otosan-Uchi for an account of the resolutions of the court after the battle.


There are no plans to run new L5R LARP events in 2017 or 2018.  Chimera Productions is instead focusing on presenting the original Dantir: Beyond the Stones campaign. Chimera Productions will continue to consider L5R as a setting for future LARP events in 2019 or beyond and will make announcements about future events in due course.


Chimera Productions thanks AEG and the respective authors for their generousity in allowing us to play in their world.  Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), Rokugan and all assoicated material remains the property of AEG and its creators. 

What is Legend of the Five Rings (L5R)?

This is a game set in a fantasy world known as Rokugan, an Empire of heroic samurai, mystical shugenja and fearsome creatures of the Shadowlands. Though the setting draws heavily from the culture and history of Japan and the other Asian nations, it is a unique fantasy world.  ‘Legend of the Five Rings'(TM) first appeared in 1995 as a collectable card game. This card game introduced a revolutionary idea: a game whose story was influenced by the actions of its players through the results of major tournaments. Legend of the Five Rings later expanded into a roleplaying game in 1997 though previous knowledge of the game is not necessary to enjoy the game!

The Chimera L5R rules system incorporates many of the same concepts and rules that can be found in the L5R roleplaying game, combined with an original Chimera Productions LARPing system. Unlike the roleplaying tabletop game – we leave the dice at home! There is fast paced combat, courtly intrigue, monsters and shugenja casting spells. More over there will be some highly adult themes. The genre of samurai drama deals with some intense issues. However it is our intent to bring you a game that is both entertaining as well as interesting.

The LARP we are running is set in an alternative timeline from the original L5R setting.  The time period is the ‘Clan War’ era, however there are significant deviations from the history of Rokugan and the current affiars in the Empire are different from the published material on the AEG storyline.  In this way we hope to provide a campaign that is both familiar and yet different from any game that you have experienced before.

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