Crab Clan

crabThe stalwart Crab are the defenders of Rokugan, responsible for ensuring the Empire’s southern border is secure against the demonic creatures of the Shadowlands. Centuries of constant warfare against inhuman foes have hardened the Crab into powerful and practical warriors, but they have little sense of civility. As a result they are often considered crude by other clans.


The Hida Family: The descendants of the Kami Hida are among the largest and most powerful samurai in all the Empire. The burden of defending the Empire falls upon them, and they are both incredible warriors and skilled defensive tacticians. Hida samurai often resent the other Clans for enjoying the Crab’s protection even as they mock the Crab for their mannerisms.

The Hiruma Family: Silent and deadly, the Hiruma are the scouts and yojimbo of the Crab. They are as agile and graceful as the Hida are powerful, and warriors from the two families tend to complement one another very well. Hiruma samurai often have the unsavoury duty of scouting the Shadowlands for enemies, a task that leads many to death or ruination.

The Kaiu Family: The industrious Kaiu are responsible for the most impressive and long-standing feats of engineering in all the Empire. They are the siege engineers and architects of the Crab Clan, and are responsible for maintaining the Great Carpenter Wall as well as its defences.

The Kuni Family: Sinister in appearance and deed, the Kuni are among the most feared shugenja families in the Empire. Long ago, the family’s leadership determined the only hope of defeating the Shadowlands lay in understanding it, and so the Kuni possess knowledge of things that would drive most men mad.

The Yasuki Family: Strangely at odds with the other Crab families, the Yasuki are slight of build and devious of mind. They were once part of the Crane Clan, but joined the Crab in the third century, provoking the first great internal war in Rokugani history. They are merchants and courtiers, always looking for any means to gain an advantage for their Clan, and tend to be more concerned with monetary gain than is considered respectable for someone of the samurai caste.

The Current Status of the Crab Clan:

Military: High, Ranked second in the Empire.
Having a large standing force to repell the Shadowlands, the Crab army is easily a match in size for even the mighty Lion’s Armies. However so long as the Crab are focused on their sacred duty they are largely discounted in the empire.

Politically: Low, Ranked fifth in the Empire.
Even with the ever present Yasuki in the Empire, the Crab have to constantly struggle to gain any political strength, continually being relegated poorly due to the perception of the Hida and Hiruma families of being brutish and no better than thugs. However due to the Lion clan’s recent debacle regarding the Emerald Champion’s demise, the fortunes of the Crab in the courts are better than expected.

Econimically: High, Ranked third in the Empire.
Without the ever present and highly effective bargaining and questionable methods of the Yasuki, the Crab would have starved long ago. Their tireless work in securing koku has left the usually struggling Crab to be in a better position than they normally would be.

Hida Family Daimyo and Crab Clan Champion – Hida Kisada
The Clan Champion of the Crab and Hida daimyo is a dangerous man. Over 6 ft tall and leading the second largest army in Rokugan, Hida Kisada is an intimidating and ambitious man.
From his earliest days he has channelled his agression and anger into the destruction of the Crab’s most dangerous foes, the insidious evil of the Shadowlands.
However, due to the recent relative quiet in Shadowlands and the 37th Emperor’s weakness in ruling the Clans, his eyes are being cast to the North, wondering if the 38th Emperor can show strength needed to rule the Empire… or if someone else should show the leadership needed.

Hiruma Family Daimyo – Hiruma Kage
Having newly acquired the rank of Daimyo from his dying father, Kage spends his time on the other side of the wall, travelling with his Hiruma Scouts and killing the enemies of the Empire. He has sworn that the Hiruma Castle shall be retaken in his lifetime at any cost. And with each foray into the Shadowlands, his job becomes easier and easier.

Kaiu Family Daimyo – Kaiu Shinta
A man with a knack for invention, the Kaiu Daimyo is ever in his study, trying to devise new methods of making war to the enemies of the Crab and looking at ways to make the lives of all Rokugani easier. His latest idea is to extend the Great Carpenter Wall around all of Rokugan to protect it from barbarians of the North and West as well as the South of Rokugan.

Kuni Family Daimyo – Kuni Yori
The undisputed authority on the Shadowlands, the daimyo of the Kuni family is a chilling sight in the courts of Rokugan. Wearing dark robes and white Kabuki make up, Kuni Yori is ever present in the courts, trying to rally support for the Crab and gain concessions of food and jade for their desperate fight against the Shadowlands. However his work is hampered by the apparent lull in the Shadowlands and each day Yori wonders what can be done to make the Empire see the truth in the Crab’s sacred duty…

Yasuki Family Daimyo – Yasuki Yoku
Arguably the most well travelled man in Rokugan, Yasuki Yoku is an aged Daimyo due to retire shortly. He has travelled the length and breadth of the empire, arranging trade agreements, seeing to the needs of his clan and making koku in almost every fascit of Rokugani Society. In fact it is often said that if there is money to be made, Yoku will be there. But as his illustrious career draws to a close, he hopes that by allowing his son, Yasuki Taka, travel throughout the empire and ply his trade, that he will be what the Crab need him to be in the years ahead; the administrator to the greatest mercantile family that Rokugan has ever seen.