Dragon Clan

dragonEnigmatic and mysterious, the samurai of the Dragon Clan have walked their own path since the Empire was first created. More individualistic and less concerned with material wealth than other clans, the Dragon have much in common with the monks of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, despite the considerable variety among their individual families.


The Kitsuki Family:  The ever-perceptive Kitsuki serve the Dragon Clan as magistrates and court representatives, although they are better suited as the former. Even in court, however, a Kitsuki’s ability to perceive truth when presented with lies has proven a tremendous asset to the Dragon in their pursuit of an Empire free of deceit and treachery.

The Mirumoto Family:  The Mirumoto are the broad shoulders that carry the burdens of the Dragon Clan. While the Togashi pursue their unique brand of enlightenment, the Mirumoto rule the clan in all but name, overseeing its day to day operations and filling the ranks of its military. Comprising more than half the Clan’s ranks, the Mirumoto are the most commonly encountered Dragon samurai in the Empire.

The Agasha Family: Of all the Dragon families, the Agasha are the most traditional. They are the recorders of history and the observers of destiny. Whiles their researches into the metaphysical are their chief objective, the Agasha family is also the living memory of the Dragon Clan. The Agasha shugenja are also known for their unconventional approach to magic. The Agasha family also have a reputation for experimenting, although none outside the family understand their secrets.

 A Note on the Togashi Order:

The Dragon Clan is led by the Togashi Family, a samurai monastic order. The Togashi accept all who wish to join their ranks, provided they are able to embrace the order’s teachings and endure its trials, which many are not. Over the centuries, the monks of this order have used the divine blood of the Dragon Kami to create mystical tattoos that grant them incredible, supernatural abilities. However, the Togashi Monks have withdrawn from the Empire in recent times and are not available for play.

 The Current Status of the Dragon Clan

Military: Low, Ranked fifth in the Empire.
While none doubt the capability of the Mirumoto in their strong, dual weapon wielding bushi, much of their overall strength has been lost with the absence of the Dragon Clan’s famed Monks. If not for the tireless work of the Kitsuki family to try and maintain order and law within their provinces the bandit issues the Empire may face would be even worse. .

Politically: Mid, Ranked fourth in the Empire.
Nothing exemplifies the lack of power and political power more than the apparent loss of your Clan Champion. Worse still the lack of appearance or leadership of the other Daimyo leaves the Dragon in a position of second guessing their own leaders’ orders. If it were not for the efforts of the Mirumoto Daimyo’s younger brother, Mirumoto Daini, the Dragon clan as a whole may have been relegated to the status of a minor clan. However due to the Lion clan’s recent debacle regarding the Emerald Champion’s demise, the fortunes of the Dragon may be on the rise

Economically: Low, Ranked fifth in the Empire.
This turmoil at home is also affecting their business abroad. The lack of arable land in their provinces has made the Dragon dependant on the meagre amounts that they can produce supplemented with their trade of gold and other precious minerals and metals. However with the strangle hold on the economy that the Scorpion Crane and Crab have accomplished, the Dragon eye the lands to the South and wonder if there is some way to provide for a better future for their people.

Dragon Clan Champion and Togashi Family Daimyo – Togashi Yokuni.
Having not been seen in the empire for over 5 years, it is easy to forget that the Champion of the Dragon is Togashi Yokuni. In his youth he used to travel to Otosan Uchi once a year to spend a week with the Hantei Emperor. His understanding and discourse of the Tao was fast becoming legendary and his apparent blessing of the Hantei marked his family with pride and distinction. Then he was gone and with him the monks of his family. Some surmise that something happened to upset the Champion of the Dragon, some say that he upset the Emperor and was banished. None have said but with the death of the Emperor perhaps the re-emergence of the Togashi is something on the horizon.

Mirumoto Family Daimyo – Mirumoto Hitomi.
One death can change a life, turning a future off it’s intended path. No truer words could be said about the Daimyo of the Mirumoto Family. Forced to watch the duel that ended her brother’s life, she has never forgiven, nor ever will forgive, the man responsible, Hida Yakamo. Killed with a tetsubo in an unorthodox duel, her elder brother’s death took with it any happiness that she may have ever felt. For a long time Hitomi had only one thing on her mind – vengeance.  However, one year ago at the first Topaz Championship, she experienced a change of heart.  Hitomi has since committed herself to her Clan, and had declared herself to be Dragon Clan Champion due to the continued absence of Togashi Yokuni.  Hitomi is determined to lead the Mirumoto and the Dragon Clan to become involved in the Empire once again.

Agasha Family Daimyo – Agasha Tamori.
Consumed with a thirst for knowledge, Agasha Tamori seems to have followed in his clan’s apparent ability to ignore the world around them in order to pursue a higher goal. He secludes himself in his library, or in a laboratory working on concoctions beneath Kyuden Agasha – that is, when he is not travelling to the High House of Light to read from their precious manuscripts. Truly a dedicated man, many feel that this may be the end of the line of Agasha and that if he is not directed to take a wife, he may end up alone with only his scrolls as companions.

Kitsuki Family Daimyo – Kitsuki Yasu.
While visibly seen at several courts, his attentions are usually more trouble than they are worth. Kitsuki Yasu lost his father to an apparent Scorpion assassination. However nothing could be proven and no testimony given, something that stings him every day and night since the murder. Since then he has devoted his life to bushido and the law. Yasu roams the Empire, waging his own personal brand of justice, using his unerring knowledge of Bushido and the laws of Rokugan to try and convict people wherever he goes. Those that challenge his decisions with duels find that they are facing an unparalleled master of Niten, the famous duelling style of the Dragon. He has settled seven matters of law with his blade – every one of his findings were upheld and the sentences carried out. They say his crusade will end only with his death or the death of the Scorpion that he believes killed his father.