Scorpion Clan

scorpionWhen the Empire was first formed, the Scorpion were tasked with two sacred duties: one was to safeguard the Black Scrolls in which was bound the power of the fallen dark god Fu Leng, and the second was to serve as a villain against which the Great Clans could unite so that they would never unite against the Emperor. It is the latter duty at which the Scorpion have excelled, and in which they revel.


The Bayushi Family:  Ruthless and deceitful, the lords of the Scorpion Clan possess many talents, all of which have been put to sinister use for the benefit of their Clan and their Emperor. The Bayushi are dark, dangerous, and manipulative, and always evaluate any situation in terms of how it can best benefit themselves and the Scorpion.

The Shosuro Family: The Shosuro dwell in shadows, rarely being seen but always having an influence on those around them. They are secretive and withdrawn, keeping their own counsel but never failing to obey a command from their Bayushi lords. When the Scorpion require some impossible task performed without complication, it is a Shosuro who fulfils the duty.

The Soshi Family: The Soshi are the main shugenja family of the Scorpion Clan, founded soon after the Clan’s beginnings, and specialize in using magic to enhance the Clan’s efforts in politics, deceit, and manipulation. They often work in close concert with the Shosuro, using their magic to support the Shosuro’s ruthless and secret activities.

The Yogo Family:  No family among the Great Clans is more feared or reviled than the Yogo, the Scorpion Clan’s second shugenja family. They are descended from a Phoenix who was cursed during the early days of the Empire to betray the one he loved the most. The curse has been passed down into the family’s bloodline, and as such many avoid the Yogo whenever possible. The Yogo pay no heed to their reputation, however, and use their powerful magic in service to the Scorpion regardless of how expendable they may be considered.

NOTE:  The Yogo Daimyo, Yogo Junzo, recently departed the Scorpion Clan and swore fealty to the Phoenix Clan.  Junzo now occupys the role of Master of Void, one of the leaders of the Phoenix Clan.  Yogo Junzo took many Yogo and some other Scorpion samurai with him to the Phoenix. 

The Current Status of the Scorpion Clan

Military: Medium, Ranked fourth in the Empire.
The truest qualities of the Scorpion are ones of deception and guile and this applies to all assets of their life including their military. Their true strength is much higher than any of the great clans yet know, however their outward appearance is too strong for the liking of many in the Scorpion clan. Too many other clans see the Scorpion successes and wonder if the clan of deception should be allowed to exist at all.

Politically: High, Ranked first in the Empire.
Nothing exemplifies the power and majesty of the Scorpion at the current time than their political power. They have a representative in every court in Rokugan, regardless of size. The rise of the Clan Champion’s wife, Bayushi Kachiko, to the rank of Imperial Advisor is but a token of their overall political acumen.

Economically: High, Ranked second in the Empire.
Unlike at any other time in their clan’s history, the Scorpion find themselves wealthy beyond measure. Their declared wealth according to the taxes and revenue collected by the Emerald champions office has them ranked at the second most valuable lands in the Empire. Their current wealth is largely due to an economic alliance with the minor clan of the Mantis who’s ships and dealings provide a suitable distraction for Crane and Crab merchants alike and the additional income their trade provides is astounding. Indeed many look to the Scorpion’s prosperity and wonder if they should be more generous with the wealth they control.

Scorpion Clan Champion and Bayushi Family Daimyo – Bayushi Shoju.
With the most beautiful wife in Rokugan, the most politically powerful clan in Rokugan and both a strong Military and Economic footing on the Empire, there is little wonder that many in the Empire look at Bayushi Shoju with both envy and fear. A capable and terrifying duellist, his beauty is second only to his quick with and glib tongue. If there is any man in the Empire said to be blessed by all seven of the greater fortunes, Shoju would be the clear winner.

Shosuro Family Daimyo – Shosuro Hamitsu
The small and easily disregarded Shosuro Hamitsu has the unfortunate pleasure of being the brother of the most beautiful woman in Rokugan. Always overlooked when compared to his sister, he is none the less a competent man if seemingly absent from most of the political life of the Scorpion. He is often quoted as saying, ‘Why should I stand so close to the flame when I can enjoy myself without the presence of so hurtful a glare.’ Critics debate whether he refers to his less than forceful presence or the forceful presence of his sister.

Soshi Family Daimyo – Soshi Bantaro.
The pride of Soshi Bantaro is only overcome with one of his other traits, his arrogance. Believing himself to be unbeatable in the arcane arts, the Soshi daimyo will often have people visit his home in the lands of the Soshi merely to attempt to impress them with his magical skills. Currently all of the Elemental Masters of the Phoenix have declined his invitation. For many of them they are too busy or do not have the time but in the mind of Bantaro, he has shown the weakness of the Phoenix. He looks to the violence between Phoenix and Lion and wonders if the Scorpion should perhaps assist the Lion. Then he could prove to everyone who the greatest shugenja of the empire is.

Former Yogo Family Daimyo – Yogo Junzo.
Outspoken and opinionated, the Daimyo of the Yogo has been blessed with a rare talent, an affinity with the void, almost unheard of outside of the Phoenix clan. His power with the Void is such that he would like to challenge for the position of Elemental master of the Void except that the threat of the Yogo curse prevents him from doing so. Nether the less, much like his cousin, Soshi Bantaro, he also ridicules the supposed superiority of the Phoenix, but is more than content to allow the brash Bantaro challenge all of the lesser masters. The other known fact is his contempt for women, something that has put him at odds with his Clan Champions wife. However more than this is his apparent hatred for the Elemental Master of the Void’s daughter, Isawa Kaede.

However, Yogo Junzo has recently won a great victory in this regard.  At the Jade Championship, the Master of Void was killed by a fellow Phoenix while competing.  Yogo Junzo was invited by the Phoenix to take up the now vacant position.  Yogo Junzo won the Championship, and has left the Scorpion Clan to swear fealty to the Phoenix.  Junzo now holds the positions of Jade Champion and Master of Void. 

Current Yogo Family Daimyo – vacant

Imperial Advisor – Bayushi Kachiko
Beauty. Perfection. Enchanting. Seductive. All of these words have been used to describe her though none come close to matching the sheer beauty of the Imperial Advisor, Bayushi Kachiko.
Married into the Bayishi family through her marriage to Bayushi Shoju, she is the most powerful woman of the times. Her political acumen and sharp wit make her the envy of all courtiers and women cannot compare to her beauty. Indeed there is no other woman in existance quite like Bayushi Kachiko. The old Emperor doted on her heavily and there is quiet speculation on the mother of young Sotorii. However Kachiko’s smile quells all talk of such things, for resistance is futile when dealing with the bride of Bayushi.