Upcoming Events

Download current flyers (PDF format):

March 2019 event – Shady Cayes – flyer

June 2019 event – “Getting Underway” – LARP June 2019 Flyer

ALL BOOKINGS and ENQUIRIES – chimeraproductions@hotmail.com

 2019 Events

Costume and Props workshops

  • None currently scheduled, keep an eye out for updates

 September Weekend event 2019

  • Date: September 27 – 29
  • Location: Rowallan Scout Camp, Riddell’s Creek
  • Cost
    • PCs $175 (with earlybird discount)
    • PCs $200 (booking less than 4 weeks ahead)
    • NPC slots $120 (limited places!)
    • Upfront Deposit required for all bookings – $50 – with payment of balance on arrival at camp or by EFT
  • Full catering for Saturday and Sunday included
  • Dormitory Accommodation and indoor facilities
  • Flyer not yet available
  • Bookings open!  Email to chimeraproductions@hotmail.com


Daygame June

“Getting Underway”

Characters wishing to attend the September weekend event are strongly encouraged to attend this June Daygame, if they missed boarding ship the “Indefatigable”  at the last event. Characters not who do not board the ship in game will not  be able to appear in September. Of course you are welcome to play a new character or NPC should you miss the boat!


Games on offer:

Prison Break! [intended for under 16s]

Arrested for crimes against the people of Randwelt, Adventurers must make a daring escape, or face the executioner’s axe!

Supply and Demand

When medical herbs started flooding the markets of Kenaan, no one asked any questions. But now that the supplier has gone silent, the merchants guild is dispatching adventurers to locate the source and renew the trade.

Guard Duty

Only the most heavily guarded caravans have been reaching the port of Chula, on the Torenayan coast.  The Merchants’ Guild have grudgingly  set a reward to attract competent adventurers. After all,  how difficult can it be to deal with a few Grendlar?

A walk in the Jungle

Barred from entering  Toreneya herself, the Courier historian Nat is looking for an intrepid few willing to brave the jungles to retrieve some important artefacts.


Notification of daygames will be made by email, Facebook and posted here if new dates are scheduled.  Keep an eye out!