Upcoming Events

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – Due to anticipated lockdowns and ongoing social distancing measures, Chimera Productions regrets that all 2020 events will be modified or postponed.  Please email us at chimeraproductions@hotmail.com or find us on Facebook for updates on each scheduled event.  Where possible, we will run modified events such as Dantir tabletop games in person in small groups or by videolink while the social distancing recommendations are in place.

Bookings for all events are available.  Booking deposits for weekend event are still required, but these will be refunded in full if event is postponed, cancelled or modified.

Download current flyers (PDF format): no current flyers

Flyers to come – watch this space, or sign up to our email list by emailing us.

ALL BOOKINGS and ENQUIRIES – chimeraproductions@hotmail.com

 2020 Events

Costume and Props workshops

  • None currently scheduled, keep an eye out for updates

Conquest Games Convention

  • Regrettably, Conquest has been postponed for 2020
  • Keep in touch with us for updates on any rescheduling of this event


Regreattably all 2020 daygames have been cancelled due to pandemic restrictions.

October Weekend event 2020

Cancelled due to pandemic restrictions

If it becomes possible to hold smaller event – at least 20 persons assembling in a public space – we will try and run one or two daygames in the remainder of 2020.

As of Vic Govt announcement in September, the earliest time any in-person event can take place will be December 2020.  Small possibility of late November 2020.

Confirmation of these events will be posted here, on Facebook and by email on our mailing list.

Keep in touch via your preferred method for updates on 2020 events.


2021 Events

We will endeavour to run daygame and weekend events as usual in 2021.

Current potential weekend event dates – October 15-17 2021  (Rowallan Scout Camp, Riddell’s Creek)

Other dates for daygame and weekend event in first half of the year are TBA.


Notification of daygames will be made by email, Facebook and posted here if new dates are scheduled.  Keep an eye out!