Star Wars: Sparks Campaign

Star Wars Sparks Campaign

We are no longer running Sparks at Conquest.  Thanks for playing.

We do now run old Living Force campaign modules, including character progression.  Contact us for more information. 


Sparks is an ongoing Star Wars roleplaying campaign based on the West End Games D6 system and sponsored by Game Base 7. The group, which has been running since GenCon 1995, has around 100 members from many U.S. states, but the majority are living in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. As of 2015, over 210 modules have been written by our members, and about 10 new modules are added per year. It is run at many conventions across America, and I am now trying to run it at as many as I can here in Melbourne.

The campaign setting started 10 years before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV).  All characters are associated with the Crucible Sector Rebellion Cell (some loosely and others who opt to join the ranks of the Rebellion).

Campaign Timeline Benchmarks:

Sparks #1: The Only Way Out – the Crucible Sector Rebellion cell is formed.

Sparks #11: The Alliance – the Rebel Alliance is formed and individual Rebel cells are unified.

Sparks #13: Conference at Paragon – the Galactic Jedi purge begins.

Sparks #109 GenCon 2009 Interactive – the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope happens; the Jedi purge ends in the Crucible Sector.


Information on the campaign can be found at:

Yahoo Group Site:

– SF7 player notifications for conventions and upcoming event; Character interaction

SF7 Council:

– Contacting the current Council members for rules questions, clarifications, running events, etc.

Wiki Site: [password: GB7rocks]

– Fan site for in character interaction and postings as well as character description and background



Running in Australia

While the campaign is written and administered out of America, I have asked for access to the earliest mods to run the story from its beginning here in Australia. The current timeline of recent mods (about #200 and after) are covering the events around the attacks on Hoth. The early modules I have currently are set approximately 10-20 years prior to A New Hope (please remember they we written before  the Prequels were made and timelines will often not match with what is currently accepted as canon).  Unless otherwise listed any Sparks table will have a selection of modules the players/GM can choose from, depending on players numbers and skills. Some modules will never be available to run here due to module retirement, so please use the below list to keep track of those you haven’t yet played.

For questions regarding events being run here in Aus please contact me at, and ensure you include the word “Sparks” in the subject line to make sure it gets to me!  Or you can contact campaign admin directly using the links above.


Modules currently available to be run in Australia:

Sparks #1 – The Only Way Out                                               Sparks #6 – The Tarterus Mission

Sparks #3 –  There’s No Place Like Home                           Sparks #7  – The Wayward Wind

Sparks #4 – The Assassination

Sparks #5 – Dodson’s Planet


Next event Sparks will be appearing at:

Pandacon – July 2 & 3  Kindred Studios Yarraville


FLASHCON/UNICON 2016 – Oct 8 & 9


Sessions at 9am and 1:30pm each day, meet in ATC building lobby.


Aracnacon – 2017 convention dates to be confirmed

Conquest 2017 – Easter weekend at Swinburne university (to be confirmed)



Answers to some of the questions that have been asked at recent mods/events (if blank question has been submitted to campaign admin and awaiting reply):


How do I learn or improve Force skills?


Can I have my own droid?


Can I play a droid?


Can I learn a skill that I can’t find a PC teacher to help me with?


Can I learn skills from NPCs?


Can I have XYZ equipment/weapon/armour/ship?

If an item – equipment/weapon/armour/ship – is not listed with d6 stats in the campaign rulebook at the site here – please contact the Sparks 7 mailing list and Yahoo group at