Training and Safety

WORK IN PROGRESS – these videos are basic lectures and do not include visual examples.  We are working on improving these over time, please be patient.

For details on weapons and what types are used/acceptable, see Weapons Standards page here.

We take safety of participants very seriously.  At every event, we undertake safety training and rules training.  Currently everyone participates in these safety briefings, every time, so that experienced players and new players all keep the safety aspects of our game at front of mind.  But that takes a lot of time away from the game.

In order to reduce the time needed to go over all the safety, combat and other rules, we have created a series of short videos.  Participants are requested to view these videos before attending our events.

All Players: The Basic Safety and Combat Safety videos are compulsory, everyone must watch these two safety videos before attending our events.  We will ask you questions about the videos, so don’t skip it!

New Players: We realize there is a lot of information in these videos.  It is not expected you learn every detail before you come and play a game with us.  It is important you watch the Basic Safety and Combat Safety videos before your first game.  For the rest of the rules videos, please watch when you can, but also ask questions and learn as you play the game.  Don’t be dissuaded by the detailed rules content – we help you learn as you play, its OK not to know the details when you start playing with us.

Safety Videos

These two videos are compulsory – everyone should watch these, ideally before every event. We will ask you questions about these safety rules at each event to ensure you are safe to participate in combat.

BASIC SAFETY VIDEO (08:30 mins)-


Detailed Rules videos

Combat calls and damage (09:27 mins)

Hits and Armour (09:27 mins)

Skills and all those numbers (08:08 mins)

Counted actions (04:26 mins)

Magic in combat (07:29 mins) –

Prayers (06:03 mins)